Shampoo and mask post color with extract of ginger detox and complex antipollution

Acidifying action post color to close the scales of the hair and retain the color. Protects, moisturizes and soothes thanks to the rich formula and targeted to the needs of colored hair.

The constant use of post color shampoo keeps the color for a long time bright and alive without tone changes.

Its valuable formulation, in addition to regenerating the most damaged hair, makes it suitable for frequent washing on all hair types.

In sizes 250ml and 1000ml.


Ginger: energizing, antioxidant, sebum-balancing and stimulating effects for microcirculation

Green tea: antioxidant, regenerating, nourishing and antipollution

Tea Tree Oil: sebum regulator, to keep hair clean longer

Hyaluronic Acid: regulates the hydration rate of the hair for a bright and full-bodied appearance

How to use

Use Shampoo and Mask also daily. Perfectly preserves the color of the hair treated, preventing loss of brightness and toning.

The Shampoo cleanses deeply leaving hair soft and light. The Mask completes the treatment untangling and nourishing the tips.

Plant Origin Ingredients | Recyclable Packaging | Vegan Formula


Shampoo and mask blueberry oil

Refreshing Shampoo perfect for hair with high percentage of white hair and for blond hair with yellowish and orange tones.

Restructuring Mask with blu violet pigment, perfect to eliminate all the orange-yellow reflexes of the hair.

In sizes 250ml and 1000ml.


Blueberry oil: Antioxidant effect thanks to blueberry oil returnes shining to the hair eliminated the yellowish and orange tones. Its specific formula hydrates and polishes the hair granting a natural and healthy action.

How to use

Protect the hands by wearing gloves, apply the shampoo, leave on from 2 to 5 minutes, rinse. Apply the mask, leave on from 2 to 15 minutes according to the kind of the hair and the desired results than rinse


Specific for xhen-sil permanent hair color 10 Minuti

Enriched with milk proteins and macadamia oil

Beauty Elisir 10 in 1, for all kind of hair, NO RINSE. Nourishes, Hydrates, Detangles, Moisturizes, Restructures, Protects from heat and humidity the hair. It has an anti-frizz action, enhance the color, grants body and volume, polishes and makes shining all kind of hair since the first application.

Size: bottle of 250 ml

How to use: vaporize all over the clean wet hair, NO RINSE, proceed to the styling.


Fortifying serum for all kind of hair

Enriched with Panthenol and cotton oil

It generates a new and stronger hair structure increasing the hair resistance, strongness and elasticity thanks to its precious formula based on Panthenol and enriched with regenerating oils of Cotton, Soy, Olive, Avocado, Almonds and hydration , moisturizing, polishing butters of Cocoa and Mango. Perfect as pre-treatment in color and bleaching service or simply as a daily hair beauty treatment . It does not greasy or heavy the hair.

Size: bottle of 250 ml

How to use: as PROTECTIVE vaporize directly onto the hair before any chemical service such as color, bleaching, straightening; as RESTRUCTURANT vaporize onto hair lenghts on wet hair NO RINSE and proceed to the style or daily onto dry hair lenghts.