Oxygen cream: thanks to natural active respects the skin providing more protection and hydration compared to traditional oxygen.

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The volumes

Stabilized Xhen-Sil Oxigens are available in:

10 volumes – 3%
We recommend Xhen-Sil Oxidant Stabilized 10 Volumes for retouching the roots and toning the lengths.

20 volumes – 8%
We recommend Xhen-Sil Oxidant Stabilized 20 Volumes to completely cover white hair.

30 volumes – 9%
We recommend Xhen-Sil Oxidant Stabilized 30 Volumes to lighten the hair of more than two tones.

40 volumes – 12%
We recommend Xhen-Sil Oxidant Stabilized 40 Volumes to greatly lighten the starting color.

Stabilized oxidant

Oxygen cream that thanks to the active natural content respects the skin bringing more protection and hydration than a traditional oxygen.

The stabilized oxygen Xhen-Sil acts on the pigments of the hair by activating the color precursors, opening the scales and making it penetrate the coloring. It is available in several volumes to meet the needs of professionals.

The creamy texture allows a homogeneous mixing and the application of the color without pouring.